Community is a gameplay element which limits the range wherein you can build.

How to getEdit


In the beginning of the game you must rely on your leader for community. You can build within 5 hexes of it.

This requires moving your leader around a lot, and it would be very dangerous to do this throughout the entire game. It is recommended that you build a hut as soon as possible at the start of a new game.


Huts provide community within a range of 15 hexes around them. This gives you comfortable control over a large piece of the map.

Expansion StrategiesEdit

Stringing hutsEdit

The most popular expansion strategy is to string your huts along the map just within each others' range. This gives you community in a large area.

This is the most expensive strategy because you have to build a lot of huts. The chain will also have a lot of weak points if you cannot afford to defend each one.


Another strategy, more commonly seen on large maps, is to use your leader to establish individual colonies. Each has its own hut and buildings it might need.

This is less costly on resources (huts are expensive), but a lot riskier because it requires moving your leader out into the open.

Stay at homeEdit

Some players prefer not to expand at all. On smaller maps this might be the only way to play. Players will build up their starting area with everything they need. Their huts will then be focused on protection of these resources instead of kingdom expansion.

This is probably the cheapest strategy. You don't have to build many recruiters and other things to defend your colonies or chains of huts.

It is also a very defensive strategy. It will require the player to send their units on much further treks to attack the enemy.