Gold is a resource used to pay for things in GambCiv.

How to getEdit


In the early stages of a match you will farm tobacco to gain more gold. Each one harvested gives you 11 gold.

You should also harvest any nearby mushrooms for free gold. You get 25 gold from each mushroom.


At some point you will be able to afford your first gold mine. Every time you use a mine you get 20 gold. That's nearly twice as much gold for the same one action points.

Mining is also more efficient in land usage. To farm one tobacco every turn you must alternate between two hexes. A gold mine only uses one hex, but can still be used every turn.


Just like in normal Wesnoth, you will get some income from village-based terrain. Given how expensive most buildings are, this is probably not the best method of gold collection.


The other players might give you gold via your trading posts.